Machine Quilting

Basic Information

Quilting in the Cottage provides our customers with commercial machine quilting services. We will be happy to work with you to determine which quilting style is best suited for your project. Cassandra does all of our quilting free hand. Our average turn-around time for quilting is 2 weeks.

Cost Information

Please call the shop for an accurate quote.  218-739-9652

Size and Measuring Information

Keep in mind that machine quilting requires that the quilt back be at least 4" both wider and longer than your quilt top. We recommend that you square up your quilt top and backing and have them clean and pressed. All quilts are carefully measured before putting them on the frame. If there is a difference of more than 1.5" between the center measurement and the top/bottom measurements, there is a chance of getting a pleat in the quilt.


  • Quilter's Dream Poly
  • Quilter's 70/30 Blend
  • Hobbs- 80/20 Blend
  • Hobbs- 100% Cotton
  • Hobbs- CloudLoft
  • Hobbs- CloudLite